Points & Awards

How To Earn CVACTA Award Points

You must be a current member of the CVACTA at the time the scores are earned for your points to count.
You must also fulfill an 8 hour service requirement and ensure your hours have been reported by the event coordinator. If you are unsure of how many hours you have had reported, email meg.kish@gmail.com .

Scores must be submitted within 60 days of the competition.  All scores must be received by December 1, 2018. You must submit a Score Report Form (forms below) either signed by the event organizer or provide a printout of the final event placing from the internet along with the web address of the event results for verification purposes.  Scores may be mailed or e-mailed to

Meg Fillius
3534 Timberview Road
Powhatan, VA 23139

Email: meg.kish@gmail.com

How To Fulfill CVACTA Volunteer Hours

  • Any member who is a committee chairperson who attends at least half of the year's board meetings will be awarded 8 service hours

  • Any member who is a committee chairperson is awarded 4 service hours.

  • Donating the use of your facility for an Association mounted activity will credit 4 hours.

  • Coordinate and manage a clinic or show for the Association will credit 4 hours.

  • Serving as a speaker at a club meeting will credit 4 hours.
  • Coordinate or manage a show or clinic for the Association and track your own volunteer hours.

Volunteer hours for any of the following events will count towards your volunteer hours, just be sure to complete 8 hours at any one event or combination of events. New this year, the event coordinator will be reporting the volunteers and their hours directly to the scores coordinator. Be sure to check in with them after the event to be sure they have your name and the accurate number of hours recorded.

  • Deep Run Hunt Club Pony Club Horse Trials, CVACTA Combined Tests/ Horse Trials/Clinics or events.

Division Information

Combined Training

We will use your top 4 placings from eligible events (see list below), at a given level, to determine final scores


Tadpoles.......................Poles on the ground


Advanced Green..........2'

Pre-Beginner Novice...2'3-2'6

Beginner Novice...........2'7






Eligible Events:

Scores from USEA recognized levels (BN and up) at USEA recognized horse trials will be accepted and scored as 10 points for 1st place through 3 points for 8th place.

Scores from USEA recognized tests (CTs and lower level horse trials held in conjunction with a USEA recognized horse trial, you can find these in the USEA omnibus) will be accepted and scored with the same points system used for unrecognized events.

The following unrecognized HT events will be accepted with scores ranging from 8 points for 1st place through 3 points for 6th.

  • Calais HTs
  • Deep Run Pony Club HTs
  • SOAR HTs
  • USEA recognized horse trials (ex. The Event at Kelly's Ford Starter and Intro divisions)

The following unrecognized CT events will be accepted and scored with 6 points for 1st place through 1 point for 6th place.

  • CTs organized by members of CVACTA (ex. Tuckahoe Plantation, No Worries Farm, etc.)
  • Aisling Farms CTs
  • Elysian Hills CTs and HTs
  • Morningside CTs
  • Eventing in Virginia CTs
  • USEA Recognized CTs (ex. CTs associated with CDCTA HT)
  • VADA CC and VADA Charlottesville CTs

*The Board reserves the right to add events to this list as the year progresses.


End of Year Award Forms

New for 2018: Jumper Derby Awards!

We will use your top 9 placings, at a given level, to determine final scores.  Scores must be received from at least three (3) separate show dates to be eligible. Report your placings on the Jumper Derby Score Form.

Divisions are identified with the same height criteria as Horse Trials/Combined Tests.


In order to be eligible for Dressage-only awards you must:

1. Submit a dressage only score form and copies of each test.
2. Copies of your actual dressage tests should
include the section where percentage score (ex: 62.345%), information on show, horse and rider is displayed, as well as the judge’s signature.
3. SIX (6) scores from each level are required; one score must be from the highest test at that level.
4. Tests must have been judged by at least two different "L" judges or higher. 
5.. Scores received from recognized USDF/USEF dressage competitions will receive a bonus of 3 percentage points (e.g., if you receive a 62.345% from a "r" judge or above at a recognized show, for purposes of CVACTA year-end awards, the score will translate to a 65.345%).

Divisions: Intro, Training, First, Second, Third and Fourth Level

Scores from Musical Freestyles, Rider Tests, Pas de Deux and Quadrilles will not count towards final year-end awards.


 Year End Awards - Past Years